Legacy For Dealers 2

Legacy For Dealers 2

The Legacy Solution

Legacy Automotive Capital is solely focused on providing highly tailored sale-leaseback capital to the automotive retail industry, specifically new car franchised dealerships.

Through a sale-leaseback transaction, automotive dealers sell their real estate to Legacy and then lease it back.  This arrangement allows dealers to tap into 100% of the equity in their real estate while retaining the franchise and maintaining long-term control of their property.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Legacy Automotive Capital mission is to provide new car dealers with an opportunity to achieve a financial “exit” and simplify ownership while maintaining control of their business.

Our Values

We value each and every automotive partnership.  Effective long-term financial planning and simplification of ownership for the dealership community is at the core of everything we do.

Preferred Manufacturers

Value Proposition To Dealers

Value Proposition To Dealers


• Business partner for future growth

• Enables dealers to acquire blue sky without additional capital required for acquiring real estate


• Increases returns on equity

• Enhances future sale of operations

Personal/Dealership Security

• Full personal guarantees not required

• Diversifies investments

• Maintain site control

• Reduced interest rate risk

• Long term predictability


• Monetizes 100% of your real estate equity

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